Lydia Eschevarria

Do laws apply equally to the famous (infamous) and the regular people? Hell no they don’t! Tami talks about Puerto Rican actress, Lydia Eschevarria, who got away with murder-for-hire. A living Novella!!

Sofia Ivanova

Sonya Golden Hand, the con-artist of Russia.

Sada Abe

Creepy choke sex, severed junk, and a failed Geisha; this week it’s Sada Abe!!!

So Much

We are going on a 1-week hiatus due to this next woman being so fascinating! It’s taking much longer than usual to research this one. Join us next week. I promise it will be worth the wait!

In the meantime, please give a listen to Off Kilter, No Filter; a podcast about anything and everything with me and Byron Alexander! It’s a fantastic time!

Chelsea O’Mahoney


Let’s get to Happy Slapping and ramping with Chelsea O’Mahoney and her idiot gang in London, England. Actually, let’s not. Happy slapping is deadly!

Sandra Smith

Jermaine Abrahams

Sandra Smith was an accessory to murder and swung for it!


Heidi Fleiss


The Hollywood Madam


Elizabeth Holmes


A bamboozling Steve Jobs impersonator, Elizabeth Holmes, takes your blood and your money.

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